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The Dick Moonlight PI Novels, Short Stories, and Novellas
News & Appearances:

December 23: The 12th Chase Baker Thriller is released, Chase Baker and the Lost Ark of God

October 13: The hardcover edition of Vince's brand new thriller from Oceanview Publishing, The Girl Who Wasn't There, will be released. 

September 20: Vince makes deal with Down & Out Books to reissue the entire multi-award winning Dick Moonlight PI noir series beginning in January 2021. 

July 14: The Girl Who Wasn't There is released early in eBook, immediately shoots up to the No. 3 position at Barnes and Noble.

July 1: BookTrib reviews The Girl Who Wasn't There. Calls it "...daring and complex."

July 1: Vince appears on Between the Lines west coast radio/podcast.

July 1: The Girl Who Wasn't There is released in eBook and audio.

May 21: Vince appears on the Uncle Tony Cooking Show at the Eden Cafe talking about his books and travels.

April 24: Go Get Me a Gun is released

POSTPONED!!!April 21: Vince will appear at the Albany Art Barn in association with the Hudson Valley Writers Guild to talk about Albany Noir and his many mystery and crime novels. Door open at 6PM.

Jan 27: Vincent and Lee Mathew Goldberg will appear on Fran Lewis's Blog Talk Radio in New York, 10AM EST. 

Jan 8, 2020: Vince will be the guest of bestselling author Susan Wingate on her radio program Dialogue:Between the Lines

October 29: Primary Termination wins Best Psychological Novel of the year by Fran Lewis's "Just Reviews."

October 20: The Audio version of Primary Termination is released. 

October 8; Vince will be signing stock copies of his brand new novel, The Caretaker's Wife at the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City. Possible Live Stream event. Details to come.  

September 19-Oct 5: Vince makes a research trip to the old Soviet Block including Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and Chernobyl. More details to come.

September 14: Vince makes a rare public appearance at the Albany Book Festival. Details here.

September 10: Vince appears on NYC's Fran Lewis's Blog Talk Radio along with bestselling authors Allan Tolol and Matt Coyle to discus modern publishing in America. 

August 17: The Dick Moonlight PI Boxed Set is released. 

August 16: Primary Termination: Book 1 in the Tanya Teal Corporate War Chronicles is released. 

June 12: Vince will appear on Fran Lewis Blog Talk Radio.

June 1: Book Reporter gives The Caretaker's Wife a rave review.

May 28: Release of The Caretaker's Wife

April 23: Vince appears on Dialogue: Between the Lines with Susan Wingate. 

April 2: Vince has been nominated for a 2019 Derringer Award for his novelette, I've Got to Get Me a Gun published by Down & Out Books.

March 10: Vince will be reading at the NYC Noir at the Bar at 6PM. 

February 8: Sins of the Sons is released in eBook. Paper and audio to follow soon.  

December 10: The Sam Savage Sky Marshall Thriller Boxed Set is published

November 20: TUNNEL RATS is published

November 20: Vince is live from Italy talking with bestselling author Susan Wingate via her radio show, Between the Lines, at 10AM PST/1 PM EST

December 17: Vince will appear at 10AM EST on Blog Talk Radio with New Yorker, Fran Lewis. Vince will talk about his new deal with Down & Out Books and discuss one of his newest releases, The Flower Man.    

October 21: The Complete Season II of The Handyman is released in eBook and Paperback. Audio coming soon.

October 5: Vince and Bear Media released The Hybrid Author Mindset

September 16: Vince signs a multi-book deal with Down & Out Books, the crime imprint that won him the ITW Thriller and PWA Shamus Awards for Best Paperback Original (Moonlight Weeps). Deal includes a brand new hard-boiled stand-alone a new noir series, BRUTUS.

June 29: The first novel in the brand new spin off series, YOUNG CHASE BAKER AND THE CROSS OF THE LAST CRUSADE is released.

June 10: Vince leaves for So. East Asia on a month long tour to research a new Chase Baker novel...

May 22: THE EMPIRE RUNAWAY is released. 

May 12: THE FLOWER MAN is released.

April 21: Vince will be reading at Codex Books in New York City as a part of the PEN Lit Crawl "Noir" series. 


March 1:The launch party for THE DETONATOR at the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City. More details to come. 

Jan 20, 2018: HEAD a noir short is released

Dec. 24, 2017: NEWLY RELEASED: The collected Handyman Series, Season I

Vince will be reading in New York City on Sunday Feb. 18, 2018 at the Noir at the Bar. More details coming soon. 

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